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YXYActivated carbon air filter

YXYActivated carbon air filterAutomotive applications

Automotive applications Mercury Milan (2.5L); 2009-2006 Mercury Milan (2.3 liters); 2009-2006 Ford Fortune (2.3L); 2010-2012 Ford Fortune Star (2.5L); 2009-2013 Mazda 6 (2.5L)
Double maximum protection: Car replacement engine filters offer twice the protection of standard filters, up to 12,000 miles, compared to standard filters.
Easy installation: Seamless DIY changes can be made in minutes. Remove the old filter, replace the engine filter, make sure it is sealed around, replace the cover and tighten.
Smooth horsepower performance: Extra protective filter designed for cleaning

YXYActivated carbon air filter

Activated carbon fiber is activated carbon fiberYXYActivated carbon air filter

some carbon fiber after high temperature activation,

so that its surface to produce nanoscale aperture, increase the specific surface area

first so as to change its physical and chemical properties. Activated carbon fibers are fibrous,

the fibers are covered with micropores, and the adsorption capacity is several times to dozens

of times higher than that of granular activated carbon in the air.

Technical Details


Manufacturer YXY
Brand YXY
Model CA10094
Item Weight ‎customizable
Product Dimensions customizable
Item model number CA10094
Exteriorself-produced ‎Machined
Manufacturer Part Number CA10094

In short, activated carbon fiber has a stronger adsorption capacity than ordinary

activated carbon, and its fibrous physical properties can also make the filter layer more dense and improve the adsorption effect.

Advantages: Multi-effect filtration effect is good, PM2.5 and harmful gases can be effectively removed.

Disadvantages: the wind resistance is large, the air volume of the air conditioner is small.

Filter effect: good

Filter material

YXYActivated carbon air filterThe material of the air filter is usually activated carbon,

polyamide fiber material, etc., and different materials have different characteristics.

clearlyas everyone knows For example, the air filter of activated carbon material can filter out dust and

odor pollutants at the same time, but also absorb harmful gases.

clearlyThe air filter quality of the fiber material is also very good, which can block dust,

gas pollutants, etc.

filter efficiency

Filtration efficiency The filtration capacity of the air filter element is an important factor

to be considered when selecting. The more efficient the filter element

as everyone knows the more dust and clearlyparticulate matter can be blocked

 thus effectively protecting the engine.

These dirt particles can cause the piston to score in the combustion chamber,

which can cause premature wear on your engine.

 firstElectronic components such as sensors locatedasclearly everyone knows between the intake air and the combustion chamber can be damaged or even destroyed due to a lack of filtration.

Engine air filters remove dirt and pollutants from the air before they enter the car engine

and cause damage That’s why experts recommend replacing engine air filters every 12,000 miles.
The filter of the filter of the filter motor eliminates the filter filter of the polluting motor and

the filter of the polluting motor vehiculo by causar danos.


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