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YXY separate air filter

  • Package Include:1*Air Filter
  • Replacement Part NO.:32170979
  • Fit for Inger-soll Rand Models SS5 2340 2475 T30 Air Compressor
  • The air filter can also be replaced for other OEM replacements such as:Curtis VA1118,Gardner denver 2109945,Sullair 243196,Soberg #14 filter,Campbell hausfeld STO739-03 & STO739-03AU, Champion P5050A
  • The air filter can protect your air compressor by preventing dust,water,oil,smoke and debris from outside,keep your machine working more efficient.

The role of the air filterYXY separate air filter

YXY separate air filter Make the air conditioner compartment close to the housing
Ensure that unfiltered air does not enter the carriage YXY separate air filter

Separate dust, pollen, abrasive particles and solid impurities from the air

YXY separate air filterAdsorb water, soot, ozone, odor, carbon oxide in the air

so2, co2, can be strong and durable adsorption of water

First, the car glass will not be covered with steam
YXY separate air filterThen the driver’s sight is clear and driving is safe

First, ensure that the air in the driving room is clean and does not breed bacteria

Steps to replace the air filter

First open the engine hatch Then remove the air filter element

Therefore the empty filter box is thoroughly cleaned

So install the prepared air filter

YXY separate air filterProduct information

Technical Details

Manufacturer YXY
Brand YXY
Item Weight can customize
Package Dimensions can customize
Manufacturer Part Number ‎AR016
OEM Part Number ‎‎AR016

YXY separate air filterThe basic working principle of the separate air filter includes the following steps

First, the compressed air passes through the first stage cylindrical mesh filter element

So there’s a coalescence effect

That is, larger particles will stick to the filter material

YXY separate air filterThe water also condenses into larger droplets

So as to achieve the function of separating from water

Separation chamber: The compressed air speed is then reduced

Causing particles to gather again

This allows the mist to condense again on the honeycomb-shaped water collector

At this point, the water will be carrying impurity particles

So it flows along the bottom to the drain

Because it is discharged through an automatic or electric drainage valve

ultimate disposal

YXY separate air filterBecause after two stages of screening

So the air can be dust-free, rust-free and oil-free
The degree to which water droplets are clean and dry.

So this air can support the pneumatic equipment
Normal operation prolongs the service life of pneumatic equipment

In summary, the main function of the separate air filter is
Filter liquid water and liquid oil droplets from compressed air

As well as dust and solid impurities
Ensure that the air quality meets specific standards


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