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YXY Jeep air filter

About this item h1 YXY Jeep air filter

YXY Jeep air filter Less maintenance 18,000 mile replacem longer than stock engine air filters at 12,000 miles – our air filters are designed to keep your vehicle on the road longer while providing more consistent airflow to your engine
50% longer life High capacity filter technology traps more dirt and debris to give your engine the clean air it needs to perform at its best over 18,000 miles
Over 99% Efficiency  Quality engine protection A dirty clogged or inefficient car air filter can make it difficult for your engine to get the airflow it needs from a car air filterAbout this item


Jeep Engine air filter YXY Jeep air filter

Premium Life extended by 50% Suitable for Lexus Dodge  ES350 NX300 RX350 Durango SPA-2457  YXY  Jeep air filter

High quality engine protection, efficiency over 99%

Dirty  clogged or inef ficient air filters can make it dif ficult for the engine to get the airflow it needs

to operate most efficientlyAir filters are designed to give your engine longer performance than other

air filter manufacturers.

The role of the air filter element, no matter what machine or other equipment

is to filter out dust and other impurities in the air to provide clean air for the machine or otherequi

pment to avoid or reduce the blockage and wear of the carburetor nozzle or other equipment

and to control a certain mixture concentration.

YXYJeep air filter Product informationTechnical Details




Model Yixinyuan ‎SPA-2457
Item Weight重量 ‎customizable
Product Dimensions ‎customizable
Item model number ‎SPA-2457
Exteriorself-produced ‎Machined
Manufacturer Part Number ‎SPA-2457


Premium Engine Protection  Dirty clogged  or ineffiecient auto air filters can make it very difficult

for your engine to receive the airflow it needs  Essentials car air filters are designed to perform

better and outlast other air filter brands

Our engine air filters are designed to fit directly in your factory air box and require no vehicle

modification this quick upgrade can be completed in minutes without any tools

A HEPA High Efficiency Particulate Air   filter is a type of high efficiency filter that filters out small

first particulate matter such as bacteria and pollen from the air. HEPA filters are commonly used in high

end cars or vehicles that require special air purification requirements.

Hydrogen ion purifiers to improve air quality and create a healthier, more comfortable environment

Shield agent is a very permeable polymer, it can make activated carbon and adsorbent into one

first so that it can be strong and non-fragmentation, firstinhibit the decline of its adsorption capacity

first in order to maintain its adsorption capacity long service life.


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