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YXY Ford filter element

Advanced  Protection And Engine Performance

Engine air filters remove dirt and pollutants from the air before they enter the car engine and cause damage. That’s why our experts at YXY Engineering LABS recommend replacing engine air filters every 12,000 miles.
Filter motor filter YXY eliminates polluting motor filter filter and polluting motor filter vehiculo via causar danos. The results of his research show that researchers in his lab conducted studies in recommended laboratories and were awarded $120 million for filters for the automotive industry.

product description YXY Ford filter element

Te  aroma  filter  YXY Ford filter element  is  a device that cleans the air elimina tes the smell and chemical pollutants
and makes the indoor air fresh and fragrant Its main components are
activated carbon  adsorbent  aroma agent shield agent  and so on Activated carbon is the main component of aromatherapy filter.
It is made from bioorganoids such as charcoal detrite plants and coconut shells by high temperature calcination and surfactant treatment.
Activated carbon has the characteristics of large pores
micro pores and special pores and has excellent dislocation rate and adsorption functions, which can effectively purify indoor air.
Adsorbent is used to absorb pollutants and can effectively purify harmful
substances in the air such as odor oil dust mercury, formaldehyde and particulate matter
Aroma agent is a kind of aroma and tactile ingredients can improve the smell
of indoor air, make the indoor atmosphere fresh and fragrant add indoor
pleasant atmosphere Shield agent is a very permeable polymer it can make
activated carbon and adsorbent into one so that it can be strong and not
crumble, inhibit the decline of its adsorption capacity to maintain its adsorption capacity long service life.

filter efficiencyYXY Ford filter element

YXY Ford filter element Filtration efficiency The filtration capacity of the air filter element is an
important factor to be considered when selecting. The more efficient the
filter element, the more dust and particulate matter can be blocked, thus effectively protecting the engine.
These dirt particles can cause the piston to score in the combustion chamber
which can cause premature wear on your engine. Electronic components
such as sensors located between the intake air and the combustion chamber
can be damaged or even destroyed due to a lack of filtration.

Product information




Model Yixinyuan‎CA11480
Item Weight ‎8 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎10.78 x 6.07 x 9.92 inches
Item model number CA11480
Exteriorself-produced ‎Machined
Manufacturer Part Number CA11480
Granular activated carbon filter element  YXY Ford filter element  Filter
method activated carbon filtration  according to the adsorption
characteristics of activated carbon activated carbon is mainly used
to remove pollutants in water decolorization  filtration purification of liquid
gas  but also used for air purification treatment
waste gas recovery (such as benzene in the chemical industry gas


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