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Yxy Dodge filter element

About this item

  • Compatible with Dodge Journey 2009-2019
  • Replacement OEM ( Original Equipment Part) Number: 04891916AA, 4891916AA, 1433497,AF4048,AF1446,LX3021,49016,CA10516
  • Enhance Performance. Easy Installation. High Reliability
  • Make sure this part fits your exact vehicle, input your make, model and trim level into the Amazon Garage
  • Aftermarket Product with Premium Quality. 1 Year Warranty

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Yxy Dodge filter elementAir filter action

Yxy Dodge filter element the function of the air filter is to filter the water vapor and other debris in the dust carbon

particle part of the air,Ensure that clean air enters the cylinder

Cause the engine air intake is too little and the jitter acceleration is weak
3  first so the air filter must be replaced regularly henceif the safety and comfort of car driving will be greatly reduced.

Principle of air filter

The filtration principle of the air filter compresses the liquid water in the air,
The liquid oil droplets are separated and the air is filtered out of dust and solid impurities,
But it cannot remove water and oil in the gaseous state;
2, the removal technology of particulate matter in the air mainly includes mechanical filtration

adsorption, electrostatic dust removal
Anion and plasma method and electrostatic electret filtration
hence mechanical filtration is generally mainly through the following three ways to capture particles: direct interception, inertial collision
Brown diffusion mechanism, which has good collection effect on fine particles but large wind resistance

in order to obtain high purification efficiency
The filter element needs to be compact and replaced regularly
4, adsorption is the use of the material’s large surface area and porous structure to capture

particle pollutants
It is easy to clog gas for more significant pollutant removal effect.

Manufacturer Yixinyuan
Brand YXY
Item Weight can customize
Package Dimensions can customize
Manufacturer Part Number 04891916AA
OEM Part Number ‎A0150A0171

Yxy Dodge filter elementThe air filter is located on the right side of the engine compartment of the car
Above the right front wheel
A black square plastic box with a thick, soft rubber hose attached to the arm

firstAir filter element is a kind of filter also called air filter cartridge air filter style
Mainly used in engineering locomotives automobiles  agricultural locomotives laboratories
Air filtration in aseptic handling rooms and various precision handling rooms.

Larger particles enter between the piston and the cylinder, which will cause serious “cylinder pulling” phenomenon

first Yxy Dodge filter elementThis is especially true in dry, sandy work environments

The air filter is mounted

According to the filtration principle, the air filter can be divided into filter type and centrifugal type
Oil bath type, compound type several.

The air filters commonly used in the engine are mainly inertial oil bath air filters
hence firstPaper dry air filter, polyurethane filter element air filter and so on.

It belongs to the filter element used by the high efficiency filter element
Particulate impurities in the filtration system
Yxy Dodge filter elementThe paper filter can effectively filter particles and impurities in the air after filtration
Make sure that enough clean air enters the cylinder
Prevent dust in the  sucked into the cylinder
Effectively extend the service life.

different uses the main role of the air filter is to filter particulate impurities in the air
Ensure that enough clean air enters the cylinder, and ensure that enough clean air enters the cylinder

different uses: the air filter element has natural impurities, to maximize the amount of clean

air into the cylinder.

different uses: the main organic impurities in the air filter, the main component is sodium hydroxide
Sodium hypochlorite foaming agent, irritating and corrosive, helps to remove various harmful gases


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