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YCabin Air Filter


YXYCabin Air Filter Filter according to the function can be divided into: self-cleaning filter, automatic filter, brush filter

elastic filter, etc.

3 Filter according to the connection method can be divided into: security filter, bag filter

mechanical filter, stainless steel ozone mixing tower, stainless steel tank, stainless steel mixing bed

single-stage filter, two-stage/two-stage filter, three-stage filter, differential pressure filter and so on.

 Product description

YCabin Air Filter as a material offset paper aluminum film and other materials as

a partition board with wood frame aluminum alloy gluing made of special silicone rubber odorless surface

will not harden and will not take a long time.

It can absorb the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction without cracking, moderate hardness and good elastic recovery. Each unit is tested by sodium flame method, which has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, low resistance and large dust capacity.

than the average leading standard retail brand air filter with 12,000 mile

replacement intervals that help prevent acceleration and horsepower loss. While helping

to improve overall performance The Engineering lab defines the air filter category by providing

a clear choice of other filters. Follow the recommended replacement intervals in the owner’s manual.

Advanced protection and engine performanceFilter cartridge

The engine air filter removes dirt and pollutants from the air before they enter the engine
Is that why the experts in our engineering lab recommend a replacement

the engine air filter every 12,000 miles
Filters that filter motors eliminate filters that contaminate motors Filters and filters that

contaminate motors His findings show that researchers in his lab conducted studies in recommended laborator

YCabin Air Filter echnical Detailsinformation  




Brand YXY
Model cuk29005
Item Weight customizable
Model size customizable
Item model number cuk29005
Exteriorself-produced ‎Machined
Manufacturer Part Number cuk29005


For reliable protection while driving

When must you change the Cabin Air Filter?

Over its life cycle, a cabin air filter is constantly absorbing dirt particles. With increase

contamination its efficiency decreases and it can no longer fulfill its filtration function

To ensure clean air in the cabin and protect against invisible dangers when driving

it is necessary to change the cabin air filter at intervals of at least every 12,000 miles or 1x per year.

Protects the A/C System in the vehicle from damageFilter cartridge.

Cabin air filters with activated carbon from   prevent nearly 100% of even the tiniest particles from entering

the vehicle. Pollen, soot, tire abrasion dust and even particulate matter are prevented from entering

the car via the vents.

A premium activated carbon layer protects passengers from harmful gases like ozone and sulfur

and nitrogen oxides as well as from unpleasant odors.



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