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YIXINYUANDodge filter element

About this product

  • YIXINYUANDodge filter elementChrysler (2011-2022 300 3.6L & 5.7L, 2012-2014 300 6.4L) and Dodge (2011-2022 Challenger and Charger 3.6L & 6.4L, 2011-2021 Challenger and Charger 5.7L, 2015-2018 Challenger 6.2L, 2015-2022 Charger 6.2L)
  • automotive replacement engine filter provides 2x the protection compared to standard filters for up to 12,000 miles.
  • A seamless DIY replacement that can be completed in minutes. Remove your old filter, replace with  engine filter ensuring it is sealed around the perimeter, replace cover and fasten
  • Extra Guard filter is designed to clean up exhaust so that the engine is less likely clogged by dirt. With a cleaner output, the engine is able to function efficiently leading to a smoother and higher horsepower.
  • With a fine filter media, Extra Guard captures various debris without hampering airflow.YIXINYUANDodge filter element Filter attracts dirt like a magnet so that maximum amount of debris stay trapped to prevent entering within the engine.

product description

Dodge Air filters use  YIXINYUANDodge filter element advanced filter media that have been rigorously tested and have been proven to provide twice as much engine protection as average leading standard retail brand air filters with 12,000 mile change intervals that help prevent acceleration and horsepower loss while helping to improve overall performance The engineering lab defines the air filter class by providing a clear choice of other filters The filtration efficiency of the replacement test model at the recommended replacement intervals in the owner’s manual

CA4309 CA8755A, CA8039 CA326 and CA6479 and their standard retail brand equivalent under ISO 5011 Compatibylity Options  2011-2022  300 V6 3.6L  2011-2022 CHRYSLER 300 V8 5.7L

2012-2014 CHRYSLER 300 V8 6.4L  2011-2022 DODGE CHALLENGER V6 3.6L

2011-2021 DODGE CHALLENGER V8 5.7L 2015-2018 DODGE CHALLENGER V8 6.2L

2011-2022 DODGE CHALLENGER V8 6.4L  2011-2022 DODGE CHARGER V6 3.6L

2011-2021 DODGE CHARGER V8 5.7L 2015-2022 DODGE CHARGER V8 6.2L

2012-2022 DODGE CHARGER V8 6.4L

Filter function

Self-cleaning filter Automatic filter brush filter elastic filter, etc

Security filter  bag filter  mechanical filter stainless steel ozone mixing tower YIXINYUANDodge filter element  stainless steel tank stainless steel mixing bed single stage filter  two/two stage filter  three stage filter  differential pressure filter etc


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