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filter element

The filter element can purify the polluted medium to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness required for production and life.

Filter element is used in a very wide range of industrial production such as iron and steel smelting

electric power production ocean purification and so on small to drinking water treatment of domestic waste in the use of car fuel filter bicycle lubricating oil filter and so on

so clean technology in life are using the filter element.

Filter characteristics

The role of all levels of filters is: more than 10μm of settling particles and various foreign bodies into the system.

Medium efficiency filter: mainly used to block 1 ~ 10μm suspended particles,

so as not to settle on the surface of the high efficiency filter and soon plug the high efficiency filter.

High efficiency filter (sub-high efficiency filter): mainly used to filter the most content in the air supply

with coarse filter  and medium effect filter  can not or is difficult to filter out the submicron particles below 1μm, in order to control the key final part of the air supply system.

Activated carbon filter

The harmful gas is adsorbed by activated carbon.
1 Check the air filter regularly
a. It is recommended to check every 5000 km.
b. Check whether the filter is blocked or damaged.
2 Learn to maintain the air filter by yourself
A. Develop a maintenance plan: develop a plan to replace the filter regularly according to the use of the vehicle.
b. Vehicle stop: Find the location of the filter and ensure that the vehicle is in a stable state.
3 Replace the air filter
a. Find the filter: Determine the location of the filter according to the vehicle’s instructions or search for relevant information on the Internet.

Precautions for air filter replacement

a. Make sure to buy the right filter for the model.
b. Adjust the replacement cycle according to the use of the vehicle, such as driving in a dusty environment, it is recommended to shorten the replacement cycle.
c. After the filter is replaced, pay attention to whether the seal is good to avoid dust and impurities.

Air filter common problems and solutions

a. The filter turns black under normal circumstances, the filter will turn black with the use time. It is recommended to replace it according to the specified cycle.
b. Filter blockage If the filter is found to be blocked, the dust can be blown away with the air blower or replaced with a new filter.

Regular maintenance and replacement of automobile air filter is an important measure to ensure the

air quality in the car. By understanding the types and working principles of different filters,

making maintenance plans and correctly replacing filters you can improve driving comfort and protect the health of drivers. If you do not have the relevant skills

it is recommended to seek professional technical support to ensure the effective work of the car air filter

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