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Filter element introduction

Filter element introduction theparticulate impurities in the air to ensure thatenough clean airentered into air filtration chip

the cylinder so prevent the dust floating inthe airfrom beingsucked intothe engine,accelerating

the wear of the piston group and the cylinder Because the air filter of the car according to the maintenance manual of the car,

it is generally kilometers or aninterval ofmaintenance and replacementbut it is recommended that

the air filter can be cleaned every 5,000 kilometers

and finally the generation of throttle sludge can be reduced. The air filter element of the car is different according to the intake form and the structure of the engine.

Thereforeit is generally located in the air filter on the engine intake pipe And there are two kinds of

air filters on the car, dry and wet dry made of paper or organic materialswet made of wire mesh.

air filtration chip

There are more types of air filters, such as different air filters according to the principle of filtration can be divided into filter centrifugal, oil bath, compound and so on. Generally speaking,

the engine uses paper dry air filter, polyurethane air filter, inertia oil bath air filter, etc.

Different types of air filter have their advantages and disadvantages

but as far as the current application is concerned, paper dry air filter and polyurethane

air filter are used more.

Classification of

The classification of air filter element Activated carbon filter element: can absorb odor

harmful gases and VOC pollutants in the air.
HEPA filter element: can effectively filter fine particles in the air, such as dust, pollen, bacteria

viruses, etc.
Particulate matter filter element: can filter particulate matter in the air,

such as PM2.5, PM10 and so on.
Electrostatic filter element: The use of electrostatic adsorption of fine particles in the air

the effect is better than ordinary filter element.
Fiber filter element: The use of fiber materials to filter particles and pollutants in the air.
UVC lamp filter: The use of ultraviolet sterilization, can remove viruses

bacteria and other harmful substances in the air.
Photocatalyst filter element: The use of photocatalyst materials to remove

harmful substances in the airsuch as formaldehyde, benzene, etc.
In addition, there are filter air filter, centrifugal air filter, oil bath air filter

compound air filter and so on.

air filtration chipWorking principle of

The working principle is divided into inertia type, filter type and compound type
According to the structure, it is divided into dry type and wet type.
Air filter structure:
It is generally composed of an intake duct, an air filter cover

an air filter shell and a filter element Working principle of air filter

  1. Dry inertial air filter: The use of suction generated by the cylinder
  2. the outside air into the air filter at high speed, under the action of pressure
  3. the mass of dust is thrown into the dust collection cup.
  4. Wet inertial air filter
  5. After the air enters the filter, the rotating motion is generated
  6. and the dust with larger mass can not move backward with the air because of the inertia stuck in the oil,
  7. so as to complete the air filtration.
  8. Dry filter Air filter: When the air enters the filter, it is filtered through the paper filter, so that the dust in the air is separated from the filter or attached to the filter.
  9. Wet filter Air filter: When the air filtered by the oil bath passes through the metal mesh impregnated with oil, fine dust particles are trapped, and the adhering dust particles fall into the oil pan randomly.
    Air filter functions:
    Filter impurities or dust in the air and allow clean air to enter the cylinder
air filtra tion chip

The air filter element is a kind of filter, also called air filter cartridgeair filter

styleetc It is mainly used for air filtration in engineering locomotivesautomobilesagricultural

locomotives, laboratories, aseptic operation rooms and various precision operation rooms.
The engine in the working process to suck in a lot of air,

if the air is not filtered clear, the suspended dust in the air is sucked into the cylinder

it will accelerate the piston group and cylinder wear.

Larger particles entering between the piston and the cylinder will cause a serious

“cylinder pulling” phenomenon, which is particularly serious in a dry and sandy working environment.

The air filter is installed in the front of the carburetor or the intake pipe to filter

the dust and sand in the air to ensure that sufficient and clean air is entered into the cylinder.
Chinese name
Air filter element
Foreign name
Air Filter
Another name
Air filter cartridge, air filter
Engineering locomotives, automobiles
Filter type, centrifugal type, oil bath type

The dust particles in the air will move with the air flow for inertial motion,

irregular motion or by the action of some field force. When the particles move into other objects

the particles stick to the fiber surface.

What is the role of the air filter?

The role of the earliest air filter is mainly to filter out impurities or dust in the air, so that clean air enters the cylinder. Practice has proved that without an air filter

the engine life will be shortened by 2/3. In addition, the final air filter can also reduce the intake noise.

agricultural locomotives, laboratories, aseptic operation rooms and various precision operation rooms.

Because the role of the air filter element is to filter out particulate impurities in the air

it is installed in the intake pipe and the front end of the air flow meter. When the engine is working

it needs to breathe in a lot of outside air. The “inhalable particles” in the air are filtered out by the

air filterand then enter the cylinder (or air intake) to mix with the fuel and burn.

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