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air filter element

air filterelement As we all know the Earth has the nickname blue planet

Air is an important element for life on Earth The composition and quality of the air have an important impact on the survival and health of human

beings and animals and plants.

As the environmental protection of the earth, we advocate reducing energy and

air pollution and protecting the clean earth.

At present, air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution are the three major types

of environmental pollution, which not only harm the health of wild animals,

but also pose a great threat to human health.

First, nitrogen (N2) is the main component of air. It makes up about 78% of

the air and acts to dilute and stabilize oxygen.Secondly, oxygen (O2) is the second main component

of the air, accounting for about 21%. . In addition, carbon dioxide (CO2) is an important gas in the air, accounting for about 0.04% of the atmospheric environment. In addition

trace gases such as water vapor (H2O) exist in the air. The presence of water vapor makes the

air humid and plays an important role in regulating climate and precipitation.

In general, the data content of air includes the main components of nitrogen and oxygen,

the minor components of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Understanding the composition

and properties of air is critical to environmental protection, climate change, and human health.

We should pay attention to air quality, take active measures to reduce air pollution,

and jointly care for our shared air resources.

Air filter element use

Air has weight, the teacher first found two balloons, a ruler, a pencil box.

The teacher picked up the needle, the students all held their breath, looking at the teacher nervously,

and saw the teacher touch the balloon with the needle, and the balloon blew up. The ruler tilted at once. Experiments prove that air has weight.

The influence of air on human beings is very big, can support human breathing,

can protect human beings, can not be radiation from the sun

but also can maintain temperature and humidity. People plant more trees to breathe fresh air

making our earth a natural oxygen bar.This is the magic air!

Man needs fresh air. People in indoor and outdoor industrial machines cars also need

to breathe fresh airScientists have developed purifiers and air filters Air filters for machines Indoor air conditioning

filters car filters installed air filters wear masks

air filter elementmerit

the filter element and the filter system of particulate impurities, etc.,

in the paper filter filter can effectively filter the particulate impurities in the air, etc.,

to ensure that the cylinder into the sufficient amount of clean air,

to prevent the dust in the air into the cylinder, effectively extend the service life.

2, different uses: The main role of the air filter is to filter the particulate impurities in the air,

to ensure that the cylinder into the sufficient amount of clean air, to ensure

that the cylinder into the sufficient amount of clean air.

3, different uses: the air filter element has natural impurities, to maximize the amount of clean air into the cylinder.

Different uses: The main organic impurities in the air filter,

the main components are sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, foaming agent,

air filter element

a hard plastic reinforcement plate, which can effectively suppress the deformation of

the filter paper and ensure the stability and durability of its performance.

Filter material: Good air filter paper tone symmetry, paper leveling, has a stronger filtration capacity.

The structure of the filter element: a good air filter element has

Filter precision: Selecting an air filter with high filtration accuracy can effectively

reduce impurities such as dust and pollen in the engine and protect the engine from pollution.

Filter materials: common filter materials include filter paper, filter cotton, filter screen, etc.,

different materials have different filtration effects, and it is necessary to choose suitable filtration materials according to the actual situation

Ordinary filter paper type

Ordinary filter paper type air conditioning filter element mainly refers layer for

ordinary filter paper or non-woven material filter element.

By folding the white filament non-woven fabric to form a certain thickness of the fold,

so as to achieve air filtration. Because there are no other adsorption or filtration materials

, only the use of non-woven fabrics for simple air filtration, so this filter element can not

have a good filtering effect on formaldehyde or PM2.5 particles.

Advantages: small air conditioning air volume, low price, not easy to breed bacteria and produce odor.

Disadvantages: poor filtration effect, can not resist fine dust, bacteria, PM2.5 particles and harmful gases. Filtering effect: poor.

air filter activated filter

In general, the activated carbon filter element is to increase the activated carbon layer on

the basis of the fiber filter layer, and upgrade the single-effect filtration to double-effect

filtration. The fiber filter layer filters impurities such as dust and pollen in the air, and

the activated carbon layer absorbs harmful gases such as formaldehyde to achieve

double-effect filtration. In addition, due to the adsorption properties of activated carbon, it also has the effect of removing odor.

Advantages: Double filtration, moisture-proof, odor removal.

Disadvantages: The air volume is relatively small, can not filter PM2.5 fine particles.

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